4 Benefits of Working with Shoes OEM

When purchasing shoe products, you may come across the term Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Shoes OEM is a manufacturer specializing in making shoes for different companies after it provides their design and specifications. Generally, an OEM product is manufactured to order. China, the world’s largest manufacturer, has remained the leading producer of high-quality products. It’s one of the top shoe manufacturers and contributes immensely to the global production percentage.

 China’s success in the footwear market heavily relies on the performance of Shoes OEM. China’s footwear industry amounts to approximately US$ 80.45 billion as of 2022, and it’s estimated to increase annually by 9.84%. This is just proof that China has dominated the world’s footwear industry gaining over 50% in footwear production. This article is an expert guide on how Shoe OEMs work and partner with one, especially China manufacturers.

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What is OEM?

An OEM company manufactures goods for other companies, not retailers. To fully understand OEM, we’ll go beyond its simple definition. OEM is a company that makes the original shoe. The company that purchases the OEM shoes is known as Value Added Reseller (VAR). Normally, a VAR can improve the product or add more components to it to increase its value.

OEMs dealt from business to business B2B in the past, whereas the VAR sold directly to customers. But, in recent years, many shoes OEM have been selling directly to businesses, for instance, those businesses that can add their brand name or logo on the shoe.

How OEM works

At first, companies evaluate buying, manufacturing, and partnering with an expert to design their solution. So, before delivering products to end-users, they have to check they meet all customer’s needs. Partnering with OEMs minimizes manufacturing expenses and reduces material and production costs.  

Shoes OEM do not add anything extra to the product, and some brands the shoe with their logo. Other OEMs supply components and do not sell under their brand name, but you’ll find lots of company’s doing both. So, you can purchase these products directly from companies like Shangmei Shoes Company.

Shoes OEM manufacture specific components for VAR that use these in their final product. A good example is how Microsoft sells the Windows operating system to PC makers like Dell. This makes Dell the VAR. Besides, OEMs assemble and complete the shoes for VAR to sell. A perfect example is an Apple product. Behind any Apple product, you will find the following statement “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China.” This is how OEM works, and numerous benefits come with it.

Benefits of working with shoes OEM

  1. Expertise

An OEM cannot make thousands of different products, but they specialize in just a few. They narrow it down to be niche specific. For the footwear industry shoes, OEM produces various shoes like sneakers, boots, slippers, sandals, and various waterproof safe footwear collections in mass production. This means the manufacturer is aware of the most cost-effective and efficient way to manufacture the shoes.

Since they can make similar products for other clients, their experience, development process, and engineering capabilities are the best in the industry. It’s common for OEM products to be associated with quality and originality; that is why Shangmei shoes are becoming more popular.

  1. Quality

 When getting a new production specification designed, you need a guarantee that the outcome will be identical or even better than the design provided. Shoes OEM can help create that confidence. All Shangmei parts and components have undergone testing and are made according to the original specifications; therefore, quality is guaranteed.

OEMs focus on satisfying customers’ needs because quality is their business, and to maintain business relationships, the products have to be delivered as needed. The footwear industry relies on quality materials to design shoes that work precisely as expected. That is why shoes OEM is essential, as quality and precision machining goes hand in hand.

  1. Support

One thing about OEM s is they offer maximum support to the customers. OEM support engineers always have access to the engineering team that designed the product. If you buy shoes OEM from us, you get access to numerous technical and engineering supports. Our skilled team is ready to help you with your project and ensure you get what you want.

Besides, the response time by OEMs is quicker because there is less time needed to identify and produce different models. We also aim to ensure we meet clients’ needs within a minimum rate by closely monitoring our performance and delivery.

  1. Value and lifespan

Buying shoes from an OEM is a guarantee of quality. For instance, once your production machines break down, you’ll need replacement parts to continue achieving the expected performance. The same theory applies to shoes OEM. It also means there will be no degradation in material quality and performance of the footwear.

Shangmei shoes OEM are long-lasting than cheaper after-market models. We use high-quality materials, and we are well equipped to facilitate our manufacturing. Besides, our prices are cost-friendly.

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Why work with shoes OEM?

Many companies and enterprises choose shoes OEM because of their expertise, quality, and relationship. Partnering with a manufacturer that understands your business needs, the requirement needed, and the appropriate tool to use is beneficial when working with OEM.

More so, it is a guarantee that your business is prepared for tomorrow and the future. With technology advancing yearly, the equipment and tools used in shoe manufacturing are needed to keep up with the market competition. And this is how OEM comes in, as they have the necessary tools, designs, materials, and measurements needed.

Shangmei shoe manufacturing company is China’s leading shoes OEM with vast experience in various designs. We are well equipped with high-quality machines, and our team of professionals is always ready to help you with your project. We also do R&D, and we can help get your project started. All orders are in MOQ, and our prices are cost-efficient. Contact us with your projects requirement, and let’s get started.

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