4 Tip to Buy Shoes Direct from Manufacturers

Factors to consider before you buy shoes direct from manufacturers


buy shoes direct from manufacturers


Finding a manufacturer that can excellently model a shoe from your design can be a difficult job but very important for your business. The reliability of the shoe you stamp your logo on depends on its manufacturing and quality. Manufacturing has shifted drastically to a more customer-centric business model due to digitization. More manufacturers are opting to sell to their customers directly, which has helped to improve brand and customer loyalty and lower the price. When you need to customize your shoe brand, you can consider a manufacturer. If you buy shoes direct from manufacturers, you should consider the following factors to avoid losses and disappointments.


Every business requires a reliable supplier. To ensure that the supplier is reliable, you will have to go through the delivery history of the manufacturing company on their website. A business should eliminate a company with a history of delayed deliveries from the list. Going through customer reviews can be very helpful when researching the reliability of a company. A large company is more reliable as it has ample facilities to facilitate deliveries on the agreed time. The shangmei shoe company has received many positive reviews from our customers. Our experienced employees and advanced technology help deliver our products on time and in good condition.


When you buy shoes direct from manufacturers, the price may be lower than when the intermediaries are engaged. Since profitability is essential, the business should consider buying directly from the manufacturers. Look at the minimum order quantity that the manufacturer requires before buying. This will help plan how to get your products at a lower price and gain more profit. Our company offers a standard and fair price for our products. Before buying shoes directly from the manufacturer, you should consider whether you can afford them or not. Some manufacturers tend to sell their products at a higher price than others.

Type of the shoe

For shoes such as those requiring logo customization, you should buy shoes direct from manufacturers. Whether athletic or dress shoes, you should choose a manufacturer familiar with the type of shoes you need. The shangmei company offers brand logo customization for your shoes. We also manufacture men’s shoes, women’s and kid’s shoes for our customers.


buy shoes direct from manufacturers



The manufacturing company’s location is vital in determining whether to buy shoes for your business directly from the manufacturer. The location also primarily determines delivery dates and the cost of the products. The business will have to research the tax imposed and the freight policy the respective country has put across. Our company is well versed in negotiating shipping terms and exporting products. 

If you are considering buying shoes direct from manufacturers in China, Shangmei shoe company has been in the shoe market for the last 25 years. Our employees have a vast experience in shoe customization. We offer OEM/ODM services to our customers. We are reliable to supply our products to our customers and can guarantee quality. Reach us through the contacts on our website to make your orders.

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