4 Tips on Finding the Best Shoe Supplier in China

OEM shoes are worth it. If you are in the shoe business, you really need to get an OEM manufacturer. OEM shoes not only guarantee high profits but also attract more customers who believe in quality. China should be your go-to destination when looking for OEM manufacturers.


shoe supplier in china


Remember, there are many brands in the market, and the chances of getting fake products are higher. So, first, you need to know how to differentiate between original and counterfeit products. Also, you must know your product of interest, the designs, and what is giving you return customers. Even with all that, the question still remains: how do you find the best shoe supplier in China?


shoe supplier in china


Tips on Finding the Best Shoe Supplier in China?

It’s no longer difficult to find the best OEM manufacturer, thanks to advanced technology. If you want to deal with a reliable and authentic OEM shoes quality manufacturer, this is what you should do.


  1. Search

First, you need to look for the best or most reliable shoe manufacturer in China. You can get this information through exhibitions, newspapers, or even references from other business owners. However, in this modern age, the best way is to search online.


There are business directories and search engines such as Google where you can search. Just input the keywords “shoe supplier in China,” “OEM show quality manufacturers,” or “10 best OEM shoe manufacturers in China.”


  1. Analyze the Websites

Now that you have your search engine results, look for authentic manufacturers. This means going for manufacturers who have official business websites, such as shangmeishoes.com.

Visit the website and analyze every aspect of it from certification, years of experience, materials, OEM manufacturing process, minimum order quantity, services, warranty, shipping, etc. If you find a website that meets all your needs, note it down.


  1. Finalize with the Company

Now, contact the OEM manufacturer of your choice through their contact form. Before you get into a contract with them, you have to know what your relationship with them will be like. Can they make you custom OEM shoes quality? If they can, think about their MOQ if it suits your budget.


Before finalizing your order, you can also request samples as it will give you the upper hand. Also, ask about their shipping process, insurance, and after-sales services. After that, you can make a deal with the company.


You need to provide some specifications about the OEM shoes quality you want, then, they will offer you exact measurements, material, style, color, etc. After that, talk about the payment method, delivery time, and a detailed contract. After the products arrive, inspect each of them and inform the supplier of any defects.


shoe supplier in china


SHANGMEI-Shoes OEM in China

To ease your search process, Shangmei Shoes Company has got you covered. We deal with OEM and ODM products. With over five years of OEM manufacturing experience, the company specializes in high-end women, men, kids, and waterproof shoes. Their OEM shoes quality is guaranteed, which is why they are one of the leading shoe manufacturers in China.


For inquiries, get a quote from us.

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