5 Tips to Use while Choosing Wholesale flip flops suppliers

Are you planning to launch your flip flop brand? This means, you already have all ideas on how to start the business, the pros and cons, the budget, and the law governing the business. One thing that many business owners find difficult is finding a trustworthy and reliable wholesale flip flops suppliers. 

Whether your business is a brick-and-mortar, eCommerce, or online store, having a reliable wholesaler for your flip flops is vital, especially if you must maintain your customers and product quality. But, there are various steps to rely on when selecting a wholesale flip flops suppliers.

wholesale flip flops suppliers

Know your design

It’s a vital step as you can only find the right supplier if you already have an idea of your product design. sketch your design either on paper or on a virtual product. This sketch will help you identify the right supplier who can meet all your needs. Besides, by having a sketch, it will be simple to determine if you need a manufacturer or if you will do in-house manufacturing.

Choose your supplier type

As aforementioned, the sketch will lead you to the right supplier. You will have to decide the type of supplier best for your business. First, do you need the manufacturer to produce your idea or one that purchases ready products? Are you considering an overseas supplier or a domestic supplier? These are some of the questions that may help you decide. 

wholesale flip flops suppliers

How to start your search

To find a wholesale flip flop manufacturer, you can find them through various online platforms like Alibaba. Flip flops are the highest-selling shoe in the world and every year billions of flip flops are made. Most of these flip flops are made in China. The large number of flip flop sales worldwide is because of population. From research, at least one billion people walk barefoot and this makes flip flops the first step to evolving into the world of shoes. 

China is the leading country in shoe manufacturing, so it’s best to start your search with china manufacturers. SHANGMEI company is one of China’s best wholesale flip flops suppliers that you can rely on. SHANGMEI shoes offer wholesale prices in MOQ therefore there will be no inconvenience for your business. 


Once you have found your flip flop supplier, always check if they are certified. ISO certification is vital for any business. It proves the authenticity and credibility of a company. Through the certification year, you will be able to find out more about their customers, experience, business partners, and more. 


This is a key factor when choosing a wholesale flip flops suppliers. You can only determine the reliability of a company through the manufacturer’s history and customer reviews. It will help in determining if the supplier delivers goods on time. You will also understand how responsive they are to customers. SHANGMEI shoe company is a reliable supplier you can count on. Contact Us!

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