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First we need to understand how to make a pair of sports shoes

There are many types of shoes, such as football shoes, basketball shoes, tennis shoes, running shoes, comprehensive training shoes, badminton shoes, table tennis shoes, travel shoes, wading shoes, hiking shoes, cycling shoes, skateboard shoes, roller skates, Tai Chi Shoes etc. Sneakers can be divided into different types such as synthetic leather, fabric, rubber, cardboard, etc. These materials have different characteristics and applicable occasions. For example, synthetic leather has good waterproof and abrasion resistance and is suitable for wearing in rainy days or indoor sports; fabric materials are light and breathable, suitable for summer or low-intensity sports. Dress.

According to the classification of wearing occasions, sports shoes can be divided into daily wear shoes and formal wear shoes. Daily wear shoes are usually comfortable, light and fashionable sports shoes, suitable for daily outdoor sports or daily life; formal wear shoes refer to sports shoes worn in formal occasions such as competitions and training, with professional protection and Support function.

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Preparation for the production of sports shoes requires first determining the style and design of the shoe, drawing and patterning the upper, and then sending the patterning paper to the upper pattern making factory for computer pattern making. After confirmation, the shoe upper paper version will be sent to the sample workshop for sample making. Then after several sample corrections, the sample was determined and the production of the upper started. The production of shoe uppers includes multiple links, such as flower processing, printing, hand embroidery, beading, crystal pasting, etc.

Leather processing requires a series of processes such as priming, coloring, embossing, and polishing; sole production includes nine major processes: rubber compounding, compression molding, rubber molding, bottom mold removal, processing and trimming, sole labeling, Drilled holes, rounded corners and engraved shell labels.

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Finally, the upper, leather and sole are assembled to make a complete pair of shoes. There are many ways to assemble shoes, both machine-made and hand-made. Each worker in this link needs to have certain professional skills and experience.

After the shoes are assembled, strict quality inspection, beautification, cleaning, etc. are required to ensure the quality of the shoes. After passing the inspection, the shoes are packaged, equipped with shoe boxes, shoe bags, tags, instructions and other materials, and handed over to the sales department for sale.

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Why do you need to find a third-party manufacturer for manufacturing?

Third-party footwear manufacturers can provide professional manufacturing services to brands and produce high-quality shoes that meet brand requirements. The advantage of third-party manufacturers is that they have economies of scale, technical expertise and excellent production capabilities.

They have large-scale production capabilities and efficient supply chain management, which allows them to provide competitive prices and high-quality products. They also have professional technology and experience to provide various types of shoes and have customized service capabilities. . They can provide products that meet the requirements based on the brand’s needs and market demand.

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Third-party footwear manufacturers usually have advanced production equipment and technology, have excellent production capabilities, and can complete production tasks on time and with quality.

For brands, choosing to work with third-party footwear manufacturers can bring many benefits. First, brands can focus on aspects such as product design and marketing, while outsourcing manufacturing to professional third-party manufacturers. This helps brands better leverage their core strengths and improve overall operational efficiency. Secondly, by cooperating with third-party manufacturers, brands can obtain professional manufacturing services, thereby reducing their own manufacturing costs and risks. In addition, third-party manufacturers can also provide customized services for brands to meet the personalized needs of different consumers.

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Creating your own footwear brand requires consideration of many aspects, such as brand positioning, product development, marketing, manufacturing, etc. Each step is extremely tedious.

But as long as you cooperate with a reliable shoe manufacturer or shoe factory, establish a supply chain and production manufacturing system, and ensure product quality and delivery time, you will save a lot of time and money.


Shangmei Shoes has huge raw material resources and labor resources in China, so the cost of shoemaking is relatively low. The factory has high requirements in quality control, using high-quality materials and processes, paying attention to details and quality control, making the product quality Be guaranteed to provide diverse and innovative products to meet the needs and preferences of different consumers. They can continuously improve and update product design and manufacturing processes based on market demand and consumer feedback.

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Shangmei Footwear OEM has large-scale production capacity and efficient supply chain management, able to provide competitive prices and high-quality products. We can also provide customized services and customize shoes according to consumers’ needs and preferences to meet the individual needs of different consumers. At the same time, it has strong production capacity and flexibility, and can quickly adapt to market changes and changes in consumer demand.


China is located in the center of Asia. It has a unique geographical advantage and can quickly respond to order needs in Asia and even the world. If you have such needs, please call us and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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