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The estimated $250 billion global footwear market in 2017 is predicted to reach $300 billion by 2020. Over 80% of the world’s footwear needs are produced and exported by China and India. About 70% of the global footwear market is made up of shoes.

It’s hard to imagine that there once were only limited footwear manufacturer companies existed. But nowadays, many different types of footwear manufacturing companies are working. For many people, their shoes really convey their sense of personal style. Today, a variety of women’s footwear attempts to provide diversity to appeal to a variety of shoe aficionados; basic heels and flats are no longer the only options available to women.


footwear manufacturer company


How Can I Find The Best Footwear Manufacturer Company?

Shoes are typically thought of by most of us as a fashion item, but they have a role to play in every part of society and every industry.

We’ll give you some information that will help you choose the best footwear manufacturer company.


Best Ladies’ Shoe Manufacturer Company

There are many options for women’s shoes at SHANGMEI. These fashionable shoes are excellent for formal settings where one wants to wear more fashionable footwear. The ladies’ shoes on Shangmei are composed of high-grade materials that will impress with their quality and comfort. These women’s shoes are made by reputable companies that guarantee the lifetime and toughness of their goods. They come in variations that are both painstakingly handmade and mass-produced. This is the best footwear manufacturer company for ladies. The women’s shoes available on are composed of luxury materials like Naturalize, Steve Madden, and some kind of waterproof shoes.


footwear manufacturer company


Best Footwear Manufacturer Company For Kids

This is the best footwear manufacturer company for kids by figuring out which shoe brands are most appropriate for the different facets of your child’s life; you can save yourself the hassle of having to shop around every time your child outgrows a pair of shoes. Then just scale up as necessary.

While many businesses provide a variety of shoes made for various activities, it’s uncommon to discover a company that produces several high-quality shoe varieties.

We think SHANGMEI is the greatest overall kids’ footwear manufacturer company since our shoes manage to be functional for most uses and come in a variety of styles to fit almost every tiny foot out there.



SHANGMEI is a fantastic platform for you if you are an independent buyer. On, there are numerous designs.

You may conduct a bespoke search on a website by entering terms like “men’s shoes” or “women’s shoes” into the search box.



The 2018-founded Shangmei shoes Co., Ltd. is situated in the Chinese province of Guangdong’s shoe-producing Houjie Town in Dongguan City. Our business specializes in high-end brands of children’s, men’s, women’s, and even waterproof shoes.

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