Introduction to Shangmei shoe-making factory

The shoe-making factory makes different types of shoes for wholesalers, retailers, and customers all over the world. Shoe-making factories make footwear according to the market demands and customers’ preferences. Some shoe-making factories make shoes for their brand name and some make for other brands. China’s footwear industry is growing rapidly and there are several renowned shoe-making factories. Shangmei shoes Co., Ltd is of those. Shangmei shoe-making factory has large production and manufacturing facilities with several product ranges.


Shangmei was founded in 2018 and is situated in shoes Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province of China. The company makes different types of footwear with the help of skilled and experienced employees. The employees have about 20 years of experience and the research and development team ensures the standard of the products. The shoe-making factory of Shangmei has modern technical support and a large production capacity.




An overview of the Shangmei shoe-making factory

Factory Reception Hall: Shangmei shoe-making factory has a specious factory reception hall for welcoming different types of people and clients.


Office: In the factory, there is a well-organized office for employees to manage the official work.


Research and Development Team: The research and development team innovates new designs and products and analyze the market and customers’ preferences.


Cutting Department: The cutting department of the shoe-making factory cuts the lathers and materials for shoe manufacturing. This department of Shangmei is well equipped with different types of modern tools and employees cut according to innovative designs.


Stitching Department: Stitching department stitch the cut parts of leather and make joint altogether. This department gives the shape of the final product as a whole.


Sample room Department: Here the sample designs and product samples are displayed and checked for further development and mass production.


Lasting Department: Lasting department conducts the operations which stretch the shoe upper over the foot form or last. Through different machines, tools, and technologies, the lasting department of the shoe making factory tests the durability and life expectancy of shoes. In the Shangmei shoe making factory, there are two branches of lasting departments. (Lasting department and lasting department-2). These two stages lasting testing and development process of Shangmei ensure better quality and long-lasting footwear.


Warehouse: Shangmei has a large and spacious warehouse for storing its raw materials and finished products. The shoe making factory manufactures a huge quantity’s footwear for different clients and customers. After quality and lasting tests, the company stored their ready products in that storehouse before delivering them to customers.


Showroom and exhibition hall: Shangmei displays and represents their all-manufactured design and products in their showroom to attract clients and sales. There are two big exhibition halls for displaying the shows and products of Shangmei shoes.




Products of Shangmei shoe Making Factory

Shangmei shoes produce a variety of footwear and the company is reputed for its product quality. The company manufactures shoes for some brands. These are Steve Madden, Naturalizer, and some kind of waterproof shoe. These footwear are for all men, women, and kids. Besides footwear, the company manufactures cosmetics bags and handbags in its shoe making factory.

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