The Ultimate Buying Guide, How to Choose a Great Sneaker Manufacturer

Are you planning to start your line of sneakers or sneakers brand? The first thing to do is to find a reliable sneakers manufacturer, the best shoe factory. The shoe production process is a complicated process that needs experienced personnel to work together. Research shows that even the most successful shoe brands are always on the verge of looking for a shoe company, no matter how successful their brand is. That is where partnering with shoes OEM and ODM Comes in. 

It’s not easy to select the best sneakers manufacturer with so many manufacturing companies available. But, the question remains, which country makes the best sneakers? Is the factory trustworthy? Here is everything you’ve to learn about a sneaker manufacturer. 

Asia is the world’s main shoe factory manufacturer. Since the global industry has shifted, statistics shows Asia is a vital footwear production base worldwide. In fact, footwear production in Asia accounts for 87.4% of the world’s footwear production. There is no any other continent accounting for over 5%. South America, Europe, Africa, and North America for 4.7%, 3.2%, 2.9%, and 1.8%, respectively. Australia has a negligible amount. So, if you’re considering a sneaker manufacturer, then Asian factories should be your top priority. 

The world’s top 10 shoe-making countries are in Asia; China, Vietnam, and India. China accounts for over 55% of total global production, which is more than half of international. 

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Factors to consider when selecting sneakers manufacturer

The history of the factory

A company’s history plays a major role when choosing a sneaker manufacturer. These one understand how authentic, experienced, and professional they are. A good company has years of experience delivering their products. This can only be evident through the companies websites About Us page. 

Besides, looking at a company’s history will help you distinguish between larger and smaller factories. There are some benefits that are associated with working with big companies. Large factories products in MOQ, which is great if you’ve larger orders. Besides that, such companies are financially stable with well-established systems. 

But, that doesn’t mean mid-sized companies offer less. Small companies are also secure with high-quality standards and are also protected. But, their production capabilities may be less compared to large companies. Shangmei shoes company has 25 years of professional experience in sneaker manufacturing. All workers have 20+ years of experience there you’re guaranteed high-quality sneaker standards.

The customers that the factory currently have

A company’s customers will help you understand the type of brands the factory can produce. Without customers, a company cannot have reviews, so basically, all reviews on the factory website are from the customers. Since you are searching for a sneaker manufacturer, then you must understand the type of sneakers and the quality of the shoes offered. This will help you know what to expect and if it meets your requirements. Shangmei shoes company has the customer’s from brands like Steve Madden, Naturalizer, and some waterproof shoes.

Number of employees

As mentioned earlier, a company’s history plays a major role in authenticating a factory. The same thing happens to employees. First, a good factory has employees with years of experience. But, the number of employees depends on whether the company is a small, mid-sized or larger company. 

Again, shoe manufacturing undergoes a series of processes. Each stage of the manufacturing process has qualified personnel. That is what distinguishes employees. At Shangmei shoes, we have four departments; cutting, lasting, sample room, and stitching. Each department comprises qualified personnel with the needed skills. 

The type of the shoe that company can make

This is a vital consideration because not all companies are skilled and equipped to manufacture all types of shoes. Since you are interested in sneakers, then you must fully understand what they are and the different types available. Here we’ll discuss the kind of sneakers offered by Shangmei shoe company. 

Sneakers manufacturing process 

The sneakers production process is more than shoe assembly. The manufacturing process entails various techniques, including outsole production, leather manufacturing, and production. The general purpose of a sneaker manufacturer is to perform all that process for you. Here are the detailed steps involved; 

The pre-production stage

For the best quality final product, the prototyping and pre-production stage is vital. The samples produced may be used for actual visualization of the product or used for marketing online. This process involves the following steps; technical consultation; 2D Pattern making and size grading; Shoe last development; sole mold development; Material sourcing; custom mold creation; 3D accessory creation; Sample packaging; Trial shoe prototype; and Final Sneaker sample.

The shoe last

It’s the first shoe designing process. The shoe last is foot-shaped and made from molded plastic, cast aluminum, or carved wood. A shoe last is used in the development and production of shoes. This is what sets the outline, size, and silhouette of the shoe. The shape of a shoe last determines its performance, styling, fit, and ergonomics of the shoe. While deciding the features of your last, having a clear understanding of the terms used is vital. 

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Sneaker outsole manufacturing

A sneaker manufacturer produces the outsole mold used in outsole development for a guaranteed high-quality product. A manufacturer uses the outsole blueprint provided to customize the product according to a client’s need 

Shoe materials

There are five common materials used in sneaker production; leather, synthetics, textiles, rubber, and foam. Leather is considered because of its flexibility, durability, and sturdiness. Leather is elastic and therefore easy to stretch but resists abrasion and tearing. 

More so, it’s breathable enough and also helps regulate heat. Sneaker manufacturers commonly use this material as it can withstand shoemaking demands. It, therefore, makes it easy for footwear manufacturing and performance to be met. 

Bottom line

At Shangmei shoe company, all materials used are sourced from the best tanneries worldwide. We offer various leather types making it possible to produce high-quality sneakers. We have sneakers for men, women, and children. Our R&D team is always ready to check out seasonal trends. For more about our process, choose Shangmei company as your sneaker manufacturer. 


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