What are the top ten shoe manufacturers in China?

How to create your own shoe brand, the process used to be very cumbersome.

1. You need to design your shoe style,

2. Make shoe samples (including purchasing raw materials, sewing machines, and hand production).

3. Check the quality of shoes:

4. Build a factory to produce your shoes;

5. Pack and ship your shoes;

6. Sell your shoes; This is a very tedious and lengthy step.

But today, you don’t have to go through these hassles and bear such high costs, you just need to find a suitable private label shoe manufacturer, entrust them to do the work, and let them use their resources to produce it for you. You can focus your efforts on selling and maintaining your footwear brand, which significantly reduces your startup costs.

Private label footwear manufacturers are companies that design and manufacture products for you based on your brand, making your ideas and dreams a reality. You can use an existing brand or create a new one designed and produced by a private label company. You don’t have to make custom shoes yourself to sell shoes.

Private label manufactured products are cheaper than custom made shoes. Owning your own brand is a long-term sustainable business. In this article, we will introduce you to private label shoe manufacturers as well as custom shoe companies in China.

China shoe industry
China is the world’s largest shoe-making country, with a mature shoe-making industrial base that produces high-quality, competitively priced shoes. Statistics show that the top ten footwear manufacturers in the world are all located in China. This makes China the leading shoe-making country.
China is one of the leading countries in the global market that produces high-quality footwear at very competitive prices. Statistics show that the top ten footwear manufacturers in the world are all located in China.

This article lists 10 large-scale shoe manufacturing companies and their brief introductions:

Shangmei shoes Co., Ltd. founded in 2018, is located in the shoes Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. Our company are specialized in the high-class brand of women’s shoes, men’s shoes, kids shoes and even Waterproof shoes.
We have our own R&D team and senior Technical team. Our senior technicians have more than 20 years working experience. They know pattern, last, outsole mould and even with a very good aesthetic standards.
All of our products comply with high-quality standard and are appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.Over the past few years, our quality products win good reputation from customers.
The brands are : Naturalizer, Steve Madden, and some kind of waterproof shoe.
Export trade countries and regions: Li Ning’s products are exported to all over the world, mainly to Asia, Europe and North America.

Date of establishment: 1994
Company introduction: Anta, headquartered in Fujian, China, is one of China’s leading sports brands, covering footwear, clothing and accessories.
Corporate culture: ANTA takes the mission of “allowing everyone to participate in sports” as its core and is committed to promoting sports health.
Export trade countries and regions: ANTA products are exported to many countries around the world, especially in the Asian market.

3.361 Degrees
Date of establishment: 2003
Company introduction: 361 Degrees is a well-known Chinese sports brand headquartered in Guangdong. It offers a comprehensive range of sneakers, apparel and accessories.
Corporate culture: 361 Degrees adheres to the concept of “making sports a lifestyle” and focuses on technological innovation and product performance.

Export trade countries and regions: The company’s products are sold to many countries, mainly in Asia and the Middle East.

4. Xtep
Date of establishment: 2002
Company introduction: Xtep is a Chinese sporting goods company headquartered in Guangdong. It specializes in sneakers, casual shoes and sports equipment.
Corporate culture: Xtep emphasizes the value of “stimulating unlimited possibilities” and encourages people to live active lives and exercise.

Export trade countries and regions: Xtep products are exported to Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

5. ANTA Kids
Date of establishment: 2008
Company introduction: ANSA is a children’s shoe brand under ANTA, focusing on the production of children’s footwear.
Corporate culture: ANSA is committed to providing safe and comfortable footwear products to meet the growth needs of children.

Export trade countries and regions: ANSA’s children’s footwear products are mainly exported to Asia, the Middle East and North America.

6.Peak Sports
Established: 1989
Corporate culture: Peak adheres to the mission of “providing better equipment for athletes” and focuses on technological research and development and innovation.
Export trade countries and regions: Products are exported to Asia, Europe, Australia and North America.
Footwear produced: basketball shoes, running shoes, outdoor shoes, casual shoes, badminton shoes, etc.

Date of establishment: 1927
Corporate culture: Huili emphasizes the design concept of “simple and durable” and pays attention to traditional shoemaking technology.
Export trade countries and regions: Products are exported to Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North America and Latin America.
Footwear produced: casual shoes, sneakers, canvas shoes, etc.

Date of establishment: 1998
Corporate culture: Cashmere Valley focuses on producing high-quality fleece shoes, pursuing warmth and comfort.
Export trade countries and regions: Products are mainly exported to North America, Europe, Australia and other places.
Footwear produced: plush slippers, cashmere shoes, etc.

9.Tiger J
Date of establishment: 2001
Corporate culture: Teljia is committed to innovation and quality to meet the needs of young consumers.
Export trade countries and regions: Products are exported to Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Footwear produced: casual shoes, sports shoes, fashion shoes, etc.

Date of establishment: 2008
Corporate culture: Kaibu is a brand of Decathlon, focusing on the manufacturing of sporting goods and focusing on cost performance.
Export trade countries and regions: Products are exported to many countries around the world, mainly sold in Europe.
Footwear produced: football shoes, sports shoes, indoor sports shoes, etc.

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