What is the definition shoes?

In life,shoes are a source of power for a happy life, it has different meanings. Someone used to have a word for it: marriage is just like shoes. there is only you know if it suits you or not. A childhood sweetheart marriage is like cloth shoes, which looks simple and ecocomical to wear. The marriage of sharing weal and woe is casual shoes, which look strange and light to wear. Career marriage is like running shoes, it can help each other to create brilliant, but courage from the career track, shoes and feet are difficult to adpat to……                
In some places,if young people leave their parents and go outside alone,the family will send them one pair of shoes, it just means where they are, don’t forget their family


Importance of choosing one pair of suitable shoes ? 


Comfortable shoes to keep your feet good, making you feel light and fast. There is one old saying: what hindered us was not the heavy burden, but the wrong shoes at our feet.Obviously, shoes are very important to our lifes. In life,one needs to go through many kinds of shoes.each stage of the shoes naturally suits the feet, only in this way, the life is you love it with less complain,more happiness.
Some days ago,because of busy work,I ignored my girl friend, this made her bothered me these days. Due to living close to female colleagues,I often meet her on my way to work,she was very unhappy. I know it means she loves me. Last week, my sister asked me to accompany her to help for choosing shoes.I think this is my sister, my girlfriend won’t say anything.At the shoes  store. There are many kinds of shoes,women shoes, men shoes, kids shoes. My sister chosed one pair of high-heel shoes.And I bought one more pair for my girlfriend.My sister said this kind of heel is not too high,it suits for many accasion,such as go shopping, work in the office…. After coming back, I gave this shoes to my girlfriend.While she opened the pack, she was smiled and very happy for several days. She told me she wanted to buy this kind of shoes for a long time, but she had no time to go shopping for it. It was leather shoes with pigskin in lining. Wearing this kind of shoes,it makes your feet comfortable,breathable, and it is fashionable.It is also good for you to have any clothes.





These days, she always wear the shoes. 

Advantage of one pair of suitable shoes.


 One pair of suitable shoe can make us feel untired all day long, and also can protect our own feet. Wear different shoes on different accasions.While we buying shoes, we should choose it for the comfort level first, and then from the appearance.



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