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Why do you need us to make shoes?
1. If your company lacks production capacity or experience, you can choose to avoid production risks and save money by cooperating with Shangmei OEM.
2. Choosing Shangmei Shoes as the OEM for OEM does not need to consider the production process. The products will be produced by professional manufacturers, thereby reducing the cost of investment in factory buildings, equipment and labor.

3. By entrusting production to other manufacturers, the quality and quantity of products can be improved and the production time can be shortened. In this way, companies can focus their energy and resources on core businesses such as design, R&D and sales, thereby maximizing profits.
4. We have a rich product series and professional customization service capabilities. You can choose different product types and customization plans to meet the needs of different consumers based on market demand and consumer preferences.

5. By choosing to cooperate with Shangmei, your company will enjoy high-quality and efficient production services, thereby improving product quality, shortening production cycles, and enhancing market competitiveness.
At the same time, you can omit the following complicated production processes.
design phase

In the basketball shoe design stage, designers will make innovative designs based on customer needs and preferences. This includes the appearance of the shoe, sole material, upper material, shoelace design and other aspects. Designers will use professional software to conduct 3D modeling and repeatedly adjust colors, materials and details to ensure that the designed basketball shoes are both beautiful and practical.
material selection

In terms of material selection, the basketball shoe OEM custom shoe process pays great attention to the quality and comfort of the material. Usually, the main materials of basketball shoes include leather, mesh and rubber. When selecting materials, factories consider the material’s durability, breathability and comfort. At the same time, in order to ensure the quality of the shoes, the factory will also conduct strict testing and inspection of the materials to ensure that they meet customer requirements.

Production stage
During the manufacturing process, the basketball shoe OEM custom shoe process consists of multiple sub-stages.
According to the design drawings, materials such as leather and mesh are cut to prepare for subsequent production.
After bonding, vulcanization and other processes, the cut materials are made into soles.
Through sewing, gluing and other processes, the prepared cutting materials are made into uppers.
Combining the sole and upper creates a complete basketball shoe.

The quality inspection of the assembled basketball shoes should include many aspects such as appearance, size and comfort.
Customized services
In terms of shoe customization services, basketball shoe OEM provides a variety of options. Customers can choose different colors, patterns, materials, sizes, etc. according to their needs and preferences; in addition, customization services also include printing the customer’s name on the shoes, Team logo or other personalization elements. In order to meet the diverse needs of customers, our factory is equipped with a professional customized service team to provide customers with personalized solutions.

Packing and shipping
During the shipping stage, the factory will carefully package the customized basketball shoes to protect the shoes from damage during transportation. The customer’s customized message is usually printed on the packaging box to increase the brand image. The factory also performs a final inspection on each pair of shoes before shipping to ensure quality and accuracy of custom details. Finally, the shoes will be sent to the customer’s designated destination by a professional logistics company.

As the largest footwear OEM in China, Shangmei Shoes provides a diverse range of footwear products and is known for its premium quality and customized services. Now we will introduce the products of Shangmei Shoes from multiple angles.
The product line of Shangmei Shoes includes a variety of footwear, including leather shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes and children’s shoes. The design of these shoes focuses on the combination of fashion and comfort to meet the needs of different consumers. At the same time, Shangmei Shoes also launches shoes with local characteristics based on the cultural differences of different countries and regions to meet the needs of different markets.

Shangmei Shoes attaches great importance to product quality control. They strictly follow quality standards and strictly control everything from the procurement of raw materials to the production process to the inspection of finished products. They choose to use environmentally friendly, safe, and comfortable materials to ensure the quality and comfort of each pair of shoes. In addition, Shangmei Shoes is also equipped with advanced production equipment and well-trained employees to ensure the quality and production efficiency of shoes.
Shangmei Shoes provides a number of personalized customization services, including style design, material selection, color matching, etc. The company has a professional design team capable of tailoring shoes to customer needs and preferences. In addition, Shangmei Shoes attaches great importance to after-sales service, including returns, exchanges, repairs and maintenance, so that customers can feel more secure and satisfied when purchasing shoes.

Shangmei Shoes is the largest footwear OEM in China. It has won the trust and praise of consumers with its excellent quality, rich product series and considerate customized services. Whether it is leather shoes, casual shoes or sports shoes, Shangmei Shoes can provide you with satisfactory customized shoe solutions.
Shangmei’s OEM customized shoe process is a comprehensive process, including design, material selection, production, customization services, packaging, delivery and after-sales service. The factory provides customers with high-quality, personalized basketball shoe customization services through superb technology and strict quality control. Whether they are professional athletes or ordinary consumers, the basketball shoe OEM custom shoe process can meet their needs and expectations for basketball shoes.

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