Chinese footwear

Chinese footwear industry has a long history.With the trend of reform and opening up,China has followed the transfer of international footwear industry and become the world’s largest footwear production base and sales center.Chinese footwear has formed a very perfect footwear material chain and industrial platform. And Chinese footwear has basically occupied the global high-end, middle-end,low-end product market.

Chinese footwear industry market is divided into some parts: leather shoes, cloth shoes,sneaker shoes, casual shoe. In recent years,with the continuous improvement of people’s overall income and living standards, the consumption structure has also changed. Leather shoes have become a major part of the chinese footwear consumer market.The consumption area expanded from the original city to the rural areas, and the products were also from low-end to high-end development.
The competition in the chinese footwear market is fierce,mainly because the chinese footwear industry produce the middle and high-end brands in Europe and America, but now there are some enterprises have begun to produce their own brands, gradually moving towards the high-end market.

 What is the distribution of  chinese footwear production in China?

Chinese footwear produciton is all over the country.At present, Chinese footwear production has shown an industrial cluster development state, but it is relatively concentrated in the eastern coastal areas.One is the chinese footwear industry production base represented by Guangzhou,Dongguan and some other places, they are mainly producing middle-class, and high-class shoes; two is the chinese footwear industry production base represented by Wenzhou and some other places, they are mainly producing the low-end and middle-end shoes; three is the chinese footwear industry production base represented by Fujian Jinjiang, Quanzhou and some other places, they are mainly making the sports shoes.

What is chinese footwear market sales platform? 

There are two mainly Chinese footwear market sales platform: first is the retail way of supermarkets, department stores, shopping centers and shoe stores; second is sales through professional wholesale markets. Due to the convenience of transportation and the rapid development of the Internet, people are more inclined to buy it through the online platform. and there are many styles they can choose from. and I always buy it for my family through the on-line platform. 

What is the future development trend of chinese footwear industry? 

Due to the environmental problems, many chinese footwear companies have already started to develop new recyclable chinese footwear material.More and more chinese footwear enterpreneurs have realized the importance of building their own brand.I believe in the near future there will be many chinese footwear brands shown up like bamboo shoots sprouts.     

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