Companies that make shoes

Companies that make shoes means companies that only produce some kinds of shoes.With the trend of reform and opening up,China has followed the transfer of international footwear industry and become the world’s largest footwear production base and sales center. Chinese footwear has formed a very perfect footwear material chain and industrial platform. In this way, there are more and more companies that make shoes showing up.Therefore,it has also cultivated a large number of shoe industry talents.


What is current situation of companies that make shoes?

In China, there are many and many companies that make shoes. Some are large scale, some are small.But no matter weather the company is big or small, they have all what they need to make shoes.such as R&D department,sampleroom,purchase department,cutting department, stitching department, lasting department, and QC department…etc.
Companies that make shoes are all over in the country.At present, companies that make shoes has shown an industrial cluster development state, but it is relatively concentrated in the eastern coastal areas.One is the companies that make shoes represented by Guangzhou,Dongguan and some other places, they are mainly producing middle-end, and high-end shoes; two is the companies that make shoes represented by Wenzhou and some other places, they are mainly producing the low-class and middle-class shoes; three is the companies that make shoes represented by Fujian Jinjiang, Quanzhou and some other places, they are mainly making the sports shoes. Some companies that make shoes they can only make kids,such as sandals, casual shoe, sneakers, bootie &boots…etc.Some others they only make womem shoes,such as pump,sandal,slipper,casual, sneakers, bootie &boots…etc.Some others companies that make shoes they only make men’s shoes, such as dress shoes, casual shoes, sneakers, bootie & boots…etc.But there are also some companies that can make women shoes and men shoes.
According to the environmental problem, more and more companies that make shoes have already realized the importance of developing some new recycled shoes materials.They even devoted huge amount of money to it.In some day, they will get what they want. In the country, you can find more and more companies that develope new shoes materials showing up. Due to the current situation of shoes industrial being fierce, more and more companies also have realized the importance of building their own brand. They already started to have their own brands. In the street, you can see more and more new brands shoes store emerging.It makes you look dazzled. Sometimes when I go shopping for shoes, I even don’t know which one I need to buy, as there are so many beatuful styles.        

How to choose companies that make shoes?                                          

For this part, people usually choose companies that make shoes from the following aspects:the unique soft touch of soft leather is also for girls to worth 
a.How long do the companies staff that make shoes in the shoes industry ?           
b.The workcraft is good or not? for this, we can see it from the prototype.              
c.If the technician have good aesthetic or not? This is very important for companies

that make shoes, as it can save a lot of time for make prototype .If samples being made is what customer wanted, it will be good to attract the customer and will get the orders. d.The quality is good or not? if the companies that make shoes have long-term and stable suppliers.knee part or above.There are boots In my opion, the above(a,b & d)parts, companies that make shoes usually can made it. but for C part, it is very difficult for people to make it, it’s born.

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