Factory boots

Factory boots means some footwear factories can produce boots. Due to the high requirement of the technology,some factories can only make ankle boots,but other factories can also make long boots with good quality.When you visit some factory exhition hall, you can find many kinds of factory boots that make you look dazzled.


What is the division of factory boots.

In winter,every woman who loves beauty cannot do without her factory boots.Walking in the street,whether it is the mall women’s shoes counter, or fashion brand women’s shoes kichen window, with factory boots as the foot of the single product, and launched a variety of styles,so that the appearance of winter boots now wild and changeable.There are many kinds of factory boots,which can be divided into several catetories according to the styles, upper materials and the factory boots height. According to the style,it can be divided into pointed boots,round boots and small pointed boots.According to the upper materials, it can be divided into genuine leather, cloth boots and pu boots. According to the shaft height, it can be divided into ankle boots, mid-calf boots and long boots. While wearing the different kinds of factory boots, it will let girls fully show their long legs, in this way, it will make them look more feminine.

Ankle boots is a kind of factory boots which covers the ankle part. This time it is French style I prepare. It is full of emotional beauty design, in this autumn it will set off a unique popular scenery line. With different kinds of outsole and some special genuine leather, it looks very beautiful while wearing it.

Mid-calf boots is a kind of factory boots with middle shaft length, which is under the knee part.For this kind of factory boots, it usually can be developed based on hiking boots and casual boots. With the zipper, the decorations,the unique zipper design way and top shaft pleat way to attract the attention of customer. In particular, the unique soft touch of soft leather is also for girls to worth buying.       Long boots is a kind of factory boots, which covers the knee part or above.There are boots with a tight-fittin effect, loose style with casual boots,some special styles with some decoration on the shaft. and some boots with some different kinds of outsole. 

How to choose factory boots?    

It usually depends on your height, your favorate and the occation you wear the factory boots.From the factory boots store, we need to check the stitching, the outsole, the upper material, the zipper, the lining. If there is any loose stitching or not? If the outsole is anti-slipery and anti-abrasion or not? If there is any defect on the upper and lining or not? If the zipper is good or not?  


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