How to choose shoe manufacturing companies

The reliability of footwear depends majorly on how the shoes are manufactured and their quality. It’s mind-blowing that over 24 billion shoes were manufactured in 2019 but what is more thrilling is the process that the manufacturers undergo in making the footwear. Shoe manufacturing is the process of creating footwear. It involves putting different pieces together either by hand, which takes longer, or with the help of a shoemaking machine which explains why there’s rise in shoe manufacturing companies. The style or type of shoe determines the number of manufacturing process involved. Below is is a guide on how shoes are made.

shoe manufacturing companies

The design process


Research is the first step in the manufacturing process. The designers analyze the market and their competitors to determine gaps, opportunities, costs, and trends to develop an appealing design. The sketching and shoe model refining then follows. Sketching can either be done with the help of a software or by hand.

Making the last

A mold that acts as a human foot to give the shoe its shape is called last. Its either made of wood, metal, or plastic, depending on the designer’s preference. Aspects such as foot rolling during motion are considered when making the last. The last is also used to ensure that the original design is maintained in shoemaking.


Stamping is the third step of the process of shoemaking. Again, different pieces used to make the shoe are marked to reduce mix-up during the sewing stage. It also includes thinning of each shaft piece edges for easy attachment.


The leather pieces are stitched at this stage. The pieces are glued together to prevent falling out. Then the upper part pieces are sewed first. Then a counter and a toe cap are fitted to firm the shaft. The toe cap is done at the tip, while the counter is at the heal. Eyelets are punched, and shoe size is marked at this stage.

Assembling the shoe

At this stage, the shoe takes shape as all the pieces are put together to form a complete shoe. First, the last is attached to the insole temporarily with nails, and the ridge is placed on the insole. Then the upper is fitted to the outsole. The upper is then lasted and tightly pulled to bring the final shape of the shoe.

Stitching the welt to the lining and the upper

The welt is fitted with the lining rubber ridge and upper using a Goodyear stitching machine. It is then sewn around the rubber ridge and shoe upper edges.

Reinforcement by adding a shank

Between the outsole and insole, a shank under the foot arch a shank is placed to enhance shoe structure and offer support to the foot. Shanks are made from steel, plastic, and fiberglass. The last touches, such as pin removal and welt decorations, are done at this stage.


The showroom is the last stage of the manufacturing process where the finisher makes the shoe beautiful by removing imperfections and the last. Then, finally, the shoe is packed and shipped.

Factors to consider when choosing shoe manufacturing companies

Production cost

Profit is the main target of every business person. Shoe designers should first know the production cost and determine whether it is affordable. Assessing the profit of each sale after removing the production cost helps to know which shoe manufacturing companies will work for them. Different manufacturers have different production costs depending on the material they use and their manufacturing process. At Shangmei, we offer cost-friendly products that are of high quality hence increasing your profit margin.

shoe manufacturing companies

Type of shoe

Choosing the right shoe manufacturing companies is critical as some companies manufacture only private labels while others only make custom-made shoes. Depending on the type you need, it will be essential to know what type each company produces first. For example, Shangmei company manufactures different types of high-quality shoes, from men’s, women’s, and kid’s shoes to waterproof shoes. Therefore, we can offer different varieties according to the type you need. In addition, we offer other brands that are easy to wear and comfortable for your customers.


A manufacturing company that complies with the footwear regulations where their factories are situated is the best for your business. A designer will need to research the companies and whether a complaint is recorded against the manufacturers. Shoe manufacturing companies has to follow the stipulated regulations and standards of footwear. Following the specified production measures have helped us produce first-class shoes.

 The research will help to prevent extra costs gained from correcting issues. In addition, the best manufacturer will help produce shoes of the highest quality for the designer. Finally, the result will help put the business in a safer place than competitors.  


Reliability is an essential key when dealing with shoe manufacturing companies. For example, a shoe designer should research the delivery history of a company before entrusting them to supply their orders. The client will know through the reviews whether the company delivers goods on time or not. The shangmei manufacturing company has a clear record of reliability. We deliver on time and exactly what our clients want. Our company has a history of success from our customer reviews.

Benefits of working with shoe manufacturing companies

Shoe designers choose their shoe manufacturing companies based on their reliability. A company that can offer exactly or more than what you ordered helps boost your customers’ confidence. 

A company that follows regulations and offers affordable and pocket-friendly prices help to increase profit margin, guaranteeing their client’s success and a promising future for the business.

Bottom Line

The shangmei shoe company is one of the leading shoe manufacturing companies in china that offers quality, first-class shoes at affordable prices. Our company has an experienced technical team with a high level of experience thus manufacturing quality shoes for our clients. We are a certified OEM; thus, you can trust us for mass production for your footwear business. Visit our website to place your orders so we can help you get that business started. 


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