How to Purchase Shoes Made in China

China produces a fifth of the manufacturing output globally. So, whether you need shoes in wholesale for your business or retail, china shoe manufacturers offer the best. Shoes made in China are of high quality, adding value to your business. Working directly with footwear manufacturers from china has proven to be very successful for most shoe businesses. Though China has various shoe manufacturers, its necessary to find a reliable and trustworthy company. 

Before you import shoes from a Chinese manufacturer, you must already have the details of the shoes that you find suitable for your business. Besides that, there are various terminologies that you may find necessary to learn before partnering with a company. But, all these depends with your business budget. It will help you decide which supplier, target market, and product type to consider.

shoes made in china

How to Find the Best Shoe Manufacturer in China

China manufacturing industry is very competitive. Though there are many certified companies, finding the best shoes manufacturer can be difficult. But the following tips will help you make a good option.


Advice from individuals who have succeeded in the market niche will greatly help you not fall into fraudsters’ hands. Find business owners and individuals who have worked with Chinese shoe manufacturers or suppliers and ask for their reviews and connections. Always check the reviews/ comment section from their previous customers.

Search engines

Search engines such as Google can help find almost anything on the internet. Having the best search terms will help you find what you need easily. You will need to verify your choice company’s details to ascertain that what they have on their website is true. 

Hiring a sourcing agent

Sourcing agents help overcome the complexities of purchasing shoes from china. Using sourcing agents is the best way to find the best manufacturer to avoid frustrations. The agents help in documentation, logistics, and customs. Sourcing agents can also help verify the manufacturer’s information.

Benefits of Purchasing Shoes Made in China

Most Chinese footwears are of high quality.

Offers great value for your money.

Comparatively lower production cost has led to lower prices of the products.

Time and production convenience.

shoes made in china

Why choose Shangmei Shoe Company

Our company offers comfortable, breathable, and fashionable shoes for men, women, and kids made by our professional technical team with over 25 years of experience. The shangmei company was founded in 2018 to satisfy our customers with high-class shoe brands for women, men, and kids. 

We also manufacture waterproof shoes. Our company is equipped with an R&D and senior technical team that knows patterns, outsole molds, and excellent aesthetic standards. In addition, we offer mass production services for our clients who want to purchase shoes made in china. Contact us, and we will not hesitate to serve you.

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