How to find the best women shoe manufacturer

Have you ever searched for something that seems easy yet so hard to find? Finding a women shoe manufacturer has been the hardest of them. You may have your perfect shoe design, a ready footwear market, and the whole thing you need to start your dream shoe business, but the problem arises in finding a shoe factory that will take you seriously. You may end up frustrated as the shoe factory you dream of working with ignores your messages or even ghost you after showing some interest. This article provides insign on how to select women shoe manufacturer.

women shoe manufacturer

What do the manufacturers need to know?

You may be surprised that your manufacturer does not get thrilled by your exciting shoe project. The reason is that most of them have the experience of working with shoe startups that were difficult to work with. Hence finding a manufacturer is like pitching to an investor. The manufacturers first and foremost need to believe in you and your capability to start and run a commercial shoe enterprise.

The size of your market is one of the elements that may move a shoe factory agent on their seats and not the small details of your customer’s lifestyle. The second element is your projected volume; this entails the number of pairs you think you will order consecutively. Finally, target cost price, the number of styles and colors you will need, the construction material, and how your product will look.

So how do you find a women shoe manufacturer?

Knowing where you want to manufacture your products before starting your search for the manufacturer is the best way to start, but this will be determined by your retail and cost price.

Below is a rough idea of where to locate manufacturers

The USA and European produce premium and luxury products.

Premium or mid-market products are found in China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, and Mexico.

Value product manufacturers are found mostly in Pakistan, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Ethiopia.

The above may be a rough guide as there may be exceptions, such as mid-market products in Ethiopia or luxury products in China.

Whether to go directly to the shoe factory or use a sourcing agent will be determined by factors such as your proximity to the women’s shoe manufacturer, the available capital you are willing to invest in the business, projected product volume, and more.

women shoe manufacturer

Why shangmei shoe company

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Shangmei shoe is China’s high-class brand shoe company specializing in women’s shoes, men’s shoes, kid’s shoes, and waterproof shoes. Our senior technical and R&D team has over 20 years of experience and an excellent aesthetic standard. We also have good knowledge of outsole mold and patterns. Unlike our competitors, we are also women shoe manufacturers; hence women’s shoe mass production is available. Contact us if you need our services, and we will be happy to serve you. 

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